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Subject: [TowerTalk] Expanding Foam
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 97 16:22:04 -0500
On 11/19/97 12:07, Roger L. Elowitz at wrote:

>I believe I've solved the problem with my 3-inch hole for cabling... by
>stuffing the hole with newspapers.  This lasted quite a while.  After
>all, we only want to limit the ingress of air and insects. The next
>time I added a cable I got an even better idea. I had several pieces of
>foam rubber packing material laying around... the stuff that lines
>camera cases or is used for shipping computer hard drives. I stuffed
>the hole with this stuff and it is simply "wonderful."  It's easily
>removed, no mess, and easily replaced.  No big deal. You can also buy
>foam weatherstripping to do the same job.

First, I use a 12 inch piece of 4 inch PVC with a 90 degree elbow for my 
cable egress. Hard part was drilling the hole through the wall. 

As for filling the space between the cables and the PVC, I have found 
that plastic shopping bags, when wadded up, make a pretty good conforming 
plug. They are waterproof (unlike newspapers), have some insulating value 
and are easily removed or replaced.

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