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[TowerTalk] Duo-Band 10/15 Antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Duo-Band 10/15 Antenna
From: (VO1MP - Gus)
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 00:04:55 -0800
Looking for to avail of the collective wisdom of esteemed reflectees!

Am  presently condidering combining a home brewed 4 element for 15 meters
with a homebrewed 5 element for 10 still on design stages . on a single boom. 
No great 
feat in itslef I'm sure.
However here's is the challenge:  I have acquired a  storm damaged th6dxx some  
parts and 
the complete driven element still in tact.
Wonder if any body has any ideas about  removing the 20 meter portion of the  
and using the driven element as a 10/15 meter driver.
The other elements will all be full size on 10 and 15, as I see it effective 
matching may 
be a problem , mechanically the hard ware is already proven. needless to say , 
it is 
easier to keep one antenna aloft than two,  stacked one above the other.
this would save an extra boom loading and of course use only one run of coax.
What say you antenna gurus ? BTW am not interested in refurbishing the th6. 
Already have 
monobander for 20.
Appreciate any comments.
Gus Vo1mp

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