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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stripper for RG 213
From: (John/K4WJ)
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 08:39:22 -0500
At 12:52 PM 12/3/97 +0000, Len Schaier wrote:

>Hello all,


>I'm going bananas trying to make up good, clean, RG213 - PL239 connections.

>A big part of my problem is my "stripping" technique. Can anybody suggest a

>good stripper that will do RG213 and where I might be able to buy it.


>Thanks in advance.





I use a Coax Cable Stripper Model UT-8000. There is a Cablematic Cable 
Preperation  Tools logo on the package. It is made by Utility Tool Corp., a 
Subsidary (sic) of Ripley Co., Cromwell, Conn. 06416.

This unit was a gift for helping install a 100 ft tower. The person that gave 
the stripper to me purchased them directly from the company. They won't sell a 
single unit. My buddy had to buy about a dozen and a half of these units. He 
thinks he has 1 or two left that he will sell at cost plus postage.

He is Pete, N8PR, and he can be reached at if you are interested.


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