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[TowerTalk] Line noise help

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Line noise help
From: Jim Bruce" < (Jim Bruce)
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 17:26:53 -0500
One suggestion would be to try variable attenuators on the feedline like in
a fox hunt. I would also think they may have better technology than a HH
Jim Bruce
Bruce Communication, Inc.

Subject: [TowerTalk] Line noise help

>Perhaps some TowerTalkians can help this fellow.  He is Bryan W5KFT
><>.  Any responses to the reflector should also
>cc: him.
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> For the last four years I have been fighting a major
>line noise problem at my home QTH.  I live in a city that
>has two power companies and they spend most of their time
>pointing the finger at the other guy.
> The noise on 75 meters runs a continual S9 plus 10-20 db.
>Once in a blue moon it will subside but is on almost 100% of the
>the time.  The noise will run anywhere from S5 to S9 on the other
>bands including 6 and 2 meters.
> I have been through a whole series of phone calls, letters,
>and formal complaints to the offending power company over the years
>but no success in getting it solved.  In early November I wrote a
>formal letter of complaint to the manager of the utility company,
>which is owned by the city, giving them notice that if the problem
>was not resolved within 30 days that I intended to go to the city
>attorney and the city council to get it resolved.
> I have talked to him again this morning on the phone and he says
>the utility company has spent a lot of time in the last 30 days trying
>to locate the problem.  They have isolated the noise down to a 69,000
>KV distribution line that runs from east to west across the entire city
>and within four blocks of my house.  The problem is that they can't
>locate a specific "source" point for the origin of the noise.  They
>know that it is on the 69 KV line but they are unable to find the exact
>location that needs to be repaired. The utility company is using a
>handheld scanner in the 300 Mhz range with a small yagi, but they have
>been unable to find the noise source.  The noise is very intense along
>the entire length of the line without points where it peaks.
> With my HF and VHF antennas, I can tell the noise is basically
>south from my house but we have been unable to locate anything at the
>point where my beam heading crosses the 69KV line or that area.
> Oh great guru's......I need ideas, help, or suggestions of how
>to locate this problem.  I have finally got them motivated to solve
>the problem, but we have to find it first.  Any suggestions would be
>Bryan W5KFT

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