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[TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S add-on (A743)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S add-on (A743)
From: (Mike)
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 05:44:24 +0000
At 04:46 AM 12/6/97 +0000, N3HUV wrote:
>Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used the 40 meter add-on kit for the
>and how did it work out .I realize it won't compete with a 2 el beam.

Well all problems aside it actually performed very well, and I only had it
at 45 feet, was actually directional and everything.
Please note that unless things have changed with the building of them they
used galvanized screws to hold the traps to the element, and these screws
WILL rust and WILL cause problems. When I pulled mine apart, the thing
looked like it had caught fire inside...melted 2 of the plastic spacers
Theory: The screws rusted and the trap quit making contact, and 1kW did not
help things, but it should handle it(at least until it breaks)

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