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[TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S add-on (A7430

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S add-on (A7430
From: (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 12:13:31 -0600

I installed the 40m add-on kit to my A3S (@70') a week or two before ARRL SS
CW. Previously, I was (Still, I am) using a 40m inverted vee at 60 ft.  I
have run a few comparisons between the two and have to say the add-on
outperforms the inverted vee in a couple of areas:

1.  It is quieter than the inverted vee.  The signal to noise ratio seems to
be better with the add-on.  Switching from the inverted vee to the add-on, I
can hear a definite difference (minus 1-2 s-units) in the noise level, but
no discernible difference in the signal level--unless the signal is off the
ends of the element; then, it's simply a matter of rotating the beam a bit
to bring it up.

2.  In CQ WW CW, my rotor crapped out--not related to the addition of the
add-on, I'm sure.  But, until then, I tried to be aware of any
"front-to-back" the add-on might exhibit from the close presence of the
other elements of the beam.  I can't say I saw any.  What I may have seen in
the few cases where I really spun the antenna may have been attributable to
QSB and or changing adjacent frequency signals.

3.  The null effect of the add-on works.  There's a definite drop in signal
strength when you get a station off the end of the element tips.  Good for
reducing some QRM.

4.  The bandwidth of the antenna is good and comparable to the bandwidth of
the original A3S.  My goal for the antenna is that it be resonant in the CW
portion of the band.  If I need to move into the SSB portion, I can use a
tuner to compensate for the increased SWR up there.

5.  It's cool to NOT "switch to the 40m antenna" when changing bands from

Esthetically, a downside of the add-on installation is that it disrupts the
symmetry of what I always like to think was a classic yagi look--who expects
the longer element to be in the center of the array?

Also, the brightness and high reflectivity of the new element segments make
the antenna easily discernible in my rear view mirror in the morning
sunlight while I am on my way to work.  I may have to shine up the other
elements. ;-)

Overall, I am glad I installed the add-on, Glenn.  It's definitely worth it.
I may even put one on my other A3.

Dale Martin, KG5U
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Date: Friday, December 05, 1997 22:49 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S add-on (A7430

>Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used the 40 meter add-on kit for the
>and how did it work out .I realize it won't compete with a 2 el beam.
>Tnx,Glenn N3HUV
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