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[TowerTalk][Humor] Cushcraft A3S add-on (A7430

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Subject: [TowerTalk][Humor] Cushcraft A3S add-on (A7430
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 12:25:02 -0500
Hi Dale,

At 06:13 PM 12/6/97 +0000, you wrote:
......"I may have to shine up the other elements. ;-)"

Please note that "inter-element" jealousy has been the downfall of many
otherwise excellently constructed beams. This... "I can shine better
than you" phenomena often results in distorted beam patterns that defy
modeling or otherwise intelligent computer analysis.  RF is funny
stuff.  On the lower bands... while it may be non-ionizing... it is
definitely "jealousy prone" and will avoid the non-shining elements
like a plague causing all manner of skittish and untoward interactions
and reflections. It is far better to have all elements glint or none of
them to glint... but just one or another is just plain asking for

Birds, I believe,  prefer to roost only on glinting elements... packing
themselves in wing to wing to reduce the side and bottom glare while
staring out over the non-glinting elements. The greater albeido of the
glinting elements helps to keep the elements relatively cooler thus
soothing their poor aching little bird feets.

Remember... Be Wise... Simonize!

Dr. Igore (pronounced Eye-Gore) Helfenschmaltz,
The Liechtenstein Institute of Beam Glinting and Dr. Shoals Sore Bird
Feets Cream

aka... Roger, K2JAS

>I installed the 40m add-on kit to my A3S (@70') a week or two before
>CW. Previously, I was (Still, I am) using a 40m inverted vee at 60 ft.  I
>have run a few comparisons between the two and have to say the add-on
>outperforms the inverted vee in a couple of areas:

SNIPed..... to conserve bandwidth and further lunacy.

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