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[TowerTalk] Towers in Augusta Ga?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Towers in Augusta Ga?
From: (SavageBR)
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 09:41:58 EST
I have just been through what you are about to undertake. I have been looking
for a new home in the Savannah area and will be moving there from Atlanta.
Here are a few comments:
CCR's vary greatly form one neighborhood to the next.

DO NOT depend on a real estate agent to check the CCR's for you!!

When you find a neighborhood you like, determine the legal discription for the
subdivision or location and go to the county courthouse Clerk of Records, and
get a copy of any CCR's on file and read them yourself. If your real estate
office is on the ball they may have CCR's for most developments on file and
can give you a copy

If it's in a new development, the builder will be able to give you a copy.

Before you sign a contract, confirm that the CCR's you are loking at are
current for the selected house.

CCR's usually expire in 20 yrs. So the older neighborhoods are less likely to
be a problem

Zoning regulations also vary greatly. County zoning is usually less of a
problem than city. 
Spend $10 and order the package from the ARRL that includes PRB-1, recent
court cases etc.. I really learned a lot from this package.

If you decide to settle in a smaller town outside of Augusta, be careful.
Small towns tend to copy zoning reg's from larger towns without really studing
the issue.

If you want to put up a tower, I recommend you check zoning before you decide
where to look

If you sign a contract to buy, condition it on any approvals you might need,
zoning, CCR's or Home Owners Associations.

I just signed a contract on a house in a little town 35 miles outside of
Savannah, on 4.5 acres and found an ordinance limiting amateur radio antennas
to 35 ft. I have a public hearing with the city council on Dec 18 to rule on
my petition for a 90 ft tower. No approval--no contract and I start over.

Move to Atlanta and I'll sell you my house with an 80 ft tower and antennas,
Hi Hi.

Hope this helps, Good luck
Bruce  AA4Z  

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