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Subject: [TowerTalk] Simple Dipoles
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 97 17:20:34 -0500
On 12/10/97 4:57 PM, Lee Buller at wrote:

>One of the things that tick me off about a simple dipole is that the
>bandwidth, say on 40 meters, is very poor.  If I cut the thing for 7050 and
>the dipole matches very well at that frequency, by the time I am at 7250 the
>match stinks.
>Here is what I have experimented with with a modicum of success.
>1. Two dipoles on the same feed line .... upper and lower part of the band.
>2. Used RG59 as "wire" for the dipole to increase the thickness of the wire,
>this increasing the bandwidth.
>3. Used a tuner (I hate this for various reasons)
>Ok, so what have you guys found out that you are not telling me?  And, why
>haven't you told me yet?

Use RG-174/U as the feedline. It should improve your bandwidth. (<grin>)

I'd be interested to hear your reasons why you hate using a tuner.

I don't see any clear solution offhand other than those you've suggested 
-- multiple elements or thicker elements. You might try creating a 
skeletal elements, as in a "bow tie" arrangement (a la Butternut 
HF4B/HF5B), or really THICK conductor (as in 2-12 inches). Seems to me 
that at 40m, going from .05" wire to .25" wire elements isn't a 
tremendous change. (roughly 1/2500 wavelength, and 1/500 wavelength, 

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