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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower safety
From: (K4SB)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 04:49:42 -0800
This one's on me. For the first time in 44 years, I left a serious
amount of blood on a tower,
and as a result, have a badly broken left paw which required immediate

Was stepping in a 2" 1/8" wall aluminum mast to the regular 12'
molybdenum ( finally got
a spell checker which knows how to spell it ) mast. Aluminum part
telescopes over a solid
machined 30" piece of T6. Using come-along to jack moly be damned up.

Even had muffler clamps around both to prevent either or both from
falling through rotor
plate. Needed to lower the thing a little so reached in to release the
come-along safety latch
( the main latch was supposed to still hold it) Well, the main failed,
and the masts dropped
about 8' until the muffler clamp stopped it by smashing into the back of
my left hand.

Worst part was it trapped my arm and hand, nightfall was coming, temp
low 40s, and no
ground crew. Best part is the cable from the come-along remained hooked
to the bottom
of the mast. Finally had presence of mind to check and see if come-along
would raise
mast. It did. I hate to think what would have happened otherwise. By now
chilled to the bone, arterial bleeding ( did I mention I threw up a
couple of times?) and 75' in the air. Managed to climb down, go to
emergency room, and so forth.

Stupid? yes! On several points. ( and I'd rather not read about them )

Don't let this happen to you! Never thought much about it, but don't
EVER put your hands into a tower with an unsecured mass. ( 110 pounds )



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