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Subject: [TowerTalk] what a shame ...
From: (Bruce Makas)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 18:20:10 -0500
The story below is not intended to be a gripe but rather a warning to all
on the reflector. You cannot trust some of your fellow hams. To me this is
a shame.

Early in November I cleaned house here in the shack and came up with a
number of old books that I did not need anymore. They included old ARRL
antenna manuals, VHF/UHF handbook, etc. I posted to several reflectors that
if anyone wanted them for the cost of the postage they could have them. I
received about 60 responses and eventually sent out the 20 books to various
hams. It is now one month later and guess how many have sent me a dollar or
a few stamps for the postage? You got it! None, na da, zip.

Several weeks later during the Thanksgiving holidays, I uncovered another
15 or so books including old ARRL handbooks, several RSGB hardcover books,
etc. Again I posted to the reflectors the availability of the books  but
this time asked $5 each for them. I received an even larger number of
responses but as I promised, 1st come 1st served, and off went the 15 books
to about 12 different fellow hams. Guess how many responded with the
promised $5? Wrongo! This time I actually received a response from two of
the recipients. One sent the promised $15 for 3 books (and a very nice
note)and the other actually included an extra buck for the postage.

This is no big deal for me as I was going to throw them out anyhow but I
think that it is sad when someone makes a promise and then reneges. It's a
sad commentary on our society in general but I thought that hams were a
closer fraternity and above that.... oh well, next they will tell me there
is no Santa Claus

73,  Bruce Makas, K1MY
     Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

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