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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ring Rotator
From: (mitch)
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 22:49:48 -0700

There is a company called "TIC GENERAL, IC"
The last address I have is 
        P.O. Box 1
        302 Third Street East.
        Thief river falls, MN 56701

1 800 TIC-RING     
1 800 842 7464

Phone 218 681 1119
Fax 218 681 8509
They make ring rotors   we have one here on a 34 meter high tower it has a
Mosley pro 67 B on it.  We had to make a adapter to mate the antenna to the
mount on the ring rotor (just a good quality pipe to make an offset mount.

The unit has been reasonably reliably .  It is use at "The Edmonton, space
and science center"  VE6SSC.  I think 9in the last 4-5 years the changed
only the reporting potentiometer, maybe the brushes.  It uses a DC motor.
The new ones have a different controller then the one we have.  (I think)
The price has about doubled in the last 5 years.   I think that they are in
the $1200 to $1600  US range but best to check with TIC      

>Hope this is of help.

If you find any others I would like to know about them, I think that these
are now out of the price range.   


>At 22:54 97/12/11 EST, you wrote:
>>I am looking for any info on RING ROTATORS. I have been unable to find any
>>info on them. Could someone please tell me where to look?????
>>Please E-mail me....
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FAQ on WWW:     
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