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Subject: [Antennas] Re: [YCCC] Re: [TowerTalk] old books
From: (Ed Loranger)
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 16:28:21 +0000
I visited a really neat used book store last weekend.

Unfortunately many of the outdated Electronics book were
still going for $20.  

Many of the books there were library cast-aways.  So even
if you give to a library, the books could eventually end up
sitting on a shelf forever, at obscene prices.

Give to your local friends.  Give to fellow hams.  Set up
a library at your club.  Or drop off at one of the swap
meets or vendors at the ham conventions.  There was a
guy at Pacificon selling books at 1/10 the going rate.
"Gets them off the shelf and read by someone.", he said.

Give to readers, not collectors.
-Ed sk ee

David A. Case wrote:
> There are lots of used book stores that would buy your books for various
> amounts of cash.  The used book market is surprisingly large, and
> widespread (your books might be resold in Scandanavia.)
> In college, at the end of the semester, I would go through the trash and
> pick up textbooks.  I would sell them for either credit or cash, and I
> financed most of my library like that.
> If one bookstore turns a book down, than try another.
> 73
> Dave/KA1NCN///
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