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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower climbing
From: (Jerry Liley)
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:28:24 -0600

Obviously all of the discussion of safety on towers has been very good.
The description of how 
to hook pulleys at the top and bottom to allow the use of a tractor or 4x4
truck to do the
lifting should be placed in great importance by those just starting to
climb.  I use a 4x4
farm tractor that has a super slow speed and lots of traction but few have
that option.  
Always back up with the rope attached to the front so you can see (as was
suggested!!)  When
possible, I use a pulley at the top instead of a gin pole to raise heavy
beams.  You have no
choice when raising the tower section by section but hooking a 5" pulley at
the top is better
than a gin pole for beams, I think.  The right kind of pulley/s  (one that
opens to insert the rope) is very handy.   When you raise anything using
this method you still need a second or
even a third rope to control the object going up.   Hold it away from the
tower and keep it
from oscillating.  If it is a beam be careful where you tie on.  The
2nd/3rd ropes must be reachable once the beam is up.  <grin>

Now for the main purpose of this post.  Do I climb DIFFERENTLY than
everyone else?  I never
climb the face of the tower.  I climb with a leg between my legs.  My feet
are on opposite
tower faces.  On Rohn 45/55 towers, I grip the leg on my left with my left
hand and grip a
diagonal brace with my right hand.  I would grip the diagonal on the left
side just like on
the right....but the diagonal runs the wrong way to grip properly.  When I
get to a guying
point I climb around it and then right back to straddling a leg.  To try to
explain why I
climb this way....I would say that this position puts me more vertical as
opposed to hanging
so much by my hands and arms.   I am very close to the tower with my face.
Most of my
weight (6'3" x 215#)  is on my feet and legs.   I never have a problem with
banging my knees
into the tower that I have when I climb the face.   This knee banging is
even more pronounced
when I have on insulated coveralls that restrict knee bending.

The technique described above has worked for me for 40 years.   I learned
something by reading
the other posts.  I don't wear gloves for fear of slipping.  I take them
along when it is
cold and put them on at the top.  I am not a golfer so never thought of the
suggestion of
using them.   I will give it a try.

Planning, planning, planning.            Happy holidays,  Jerry

  Jerry Liley, K0GUG, Holts Summit, MO   (Near Jefferson City )     
      ARRL LIFE -- NRA LIFE -- 5BDXCC-CW -- Honor Roll-CW           

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