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[TowerTalk] "Nation's Leading On-Line Yellow Pages" Goes MLM!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Nation's Leading On-Line Yellow Pages" Goes MLM!
From: (John Watson)
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 06:00:17 +0000
I do not know from where you obtained my e-mail address, but this is your one
and final chance to drop me from your mailing list.
I DO NOT WANT your assinine yellowpages or any of your other offerings, and if
I continue to receive them I WILL notify your ISP and have you dropped from
his/her service.

                                                 John Watson wrote:

> "The Nation's Leading On-Line Yellow Pages" Goes MLM
>                   Now In Pre-Launch!!!
> That's right, a 2 1/2 year old company, based in Silicon Valley, has
> just announced that it will use network marketing as a means to
> distribute its products and services.
> This company has over $14 million in investment capital, a major part of
> which comes from the same firm who helped launch companies such as Apple
> Computers, Silicon Graphics, 3Com, UUNet, and many others.
> Featured in major articles by: The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, PC
> Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times and several others.
> Distinguished awards given by:  Netscape's What's New, Yahoo's What's
> Cool, PC Magazine, Microsoft's Pick of the Week, CBS up to the Minute,
> Point Top 5%, and countless others.
> Headed by a President and a CEO with over 35 years of senior-level
> management experience.  A former Productions Manager of Silicon
> Graphics, and Chief Information Officer of Charles Schwab & Co.,
> respectively.
>      "The Internet is the fastest growing      communications medium in
> history. In 1993, fewer      than 1 million people used the Internet. In
>   1996, there were more than 40 million users in      the United States
> alone.  That number is      projected to exceed 200 million users by the
>   year 2000!"
> There is NO competition.  Only one company can be the best, and this is it.
>  With an established brand name that is known and respected throughout the
> industry, and over 1 million Internet users each month that already use the
> service, this company will take the MLM industry by storm.
> This is an opportunity that we rarely encounter during a lifetime.  The #1
> company in the fastest growing industry we have ever seen goes MLM.
> Consider these two questions: 1)  Do you think the Internet and the World
> Wide Web     will continue to grow? 2)  Would you like to profit from this
> growth?
> If you answered yes to both these questions, like so many others already
> have, we invite you to become an Independent Consultant and join the
> fastest growing team in the company.
> *    No computer skills or Internet knowledge      required
> *    A complete, easy to understand training kit that      includes a
> free website
> *    A proven compensation plan that is generous and      reflects the true
> principles of business
> This is a one-time mailing.....Pre-Launch ends soon!
>            Call TOLL FREE: 1-888-511-5083
> If received in error call the toll free # to have your fax deleted from
> list.
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