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[TowerTalk] Climbing Belt with Leg straps??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Climbing Belt with Leg straps??
From: (Mike Walker)
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 10:23:39 -0500
Hi All

I would highly recommed the climbing harness by DBI-Sala.  I've seen it
advertised in a couple of ham magazines (I just quickly looked in the Dec
CQ and it wasn't there, so it might have been QST).  It is a full body
harness, so you won't suffocate if you fall.  It is easy to adjust and get
into.   I has leg straps, an anchor point in the middle of the back for
your secondary fall support and a hook in the middle of the front if you
are fortunate enough to have a fall arrested system installed.

It also has 2 d rings on the side for the "around the tower" belt.

I think the price was about $100 or so (US$), but I can't remember if it
comes with a "around the tower" belt.  


At 09:09 AM 17/12/97 -0600, Ron Chambers wrote:
>Landen KC5QDZ wrote:
>"...Hi everyone, I am looking for a climbing belt with straps..."
>I had similar thoughts and went to REI, a mountain
>climbing/canoeing/biking/camping type outdoor store here in Dallas...
>(mainly to look at the ropes) ..... They have the typical rappelling
>harnesses that fit around your waist and have straps for the legs....I
>believe REI is a nationwide chain.....I suspect that a lot of the mountain
>climbing hardware - ropes, clamps, grips, shoes/boots, gloves,
>harnesses would be very useful for tower climbing safety....

Mike Walker VA3MW
Corbeil Contest Club

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