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[TowerTalk] 80m LPDA that works

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 80m LPDA that works
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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 97 17:29:30 MET

Really nice to see dicussion about LP on low bands as 80m.

I know that LP's can work very well, but in theory and some
tests on higher freq. show that V version of LP gives also higher
(3/2, 5/2 ...) multiples of lambda to work as well
with more gain as 1/2 version.
Do you guys have any experience with these antennas on HF?
Properly designed array with 90deg. angle for 3.8MHz to 7MHz
might cover in harmonic mode all frequencies to 35MHz
with gain boost. Is anybody aware of such existing instalation.

Marry Xmas,

Marko, S50K

        With best regards,

                                        Marko Munih

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