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[TowerTalk] Battery Solution for the MFJ259

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Battery Solution for the MFJ259
From: (K7LXC)
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 23:57:02 EST
In a message dated 97-12-18 23:09:53 EST, K2JAS@WORLDNET.ATT.NET writes:
>  My solution is as easy as pie:
>  I have many spare, older camcorder batteries... Panasonic AG-BP212,
>  rated at 12-V 2.3AH, lead-acid gel cell types.  With the proper clip
>  attaching to the battery and the proper plug on the other end of a
>  short cable, all I do is attach this battery, shaped almost identically
>  as the side of the MFJ-259 and about ¾" thick, with three hefty rubber
>  bands to the side of the 259 case.  This battery will hold it's charge
>  over very long periods of time and can be rapidly charged in my VCR. If
>  you were to buy the battery new today you could probably spend all of
>  $35 for it or less. You will also need the special battery snap-on
>  clips and the barrel plug for the receptacle on the MFJ-259. Naturally
>  you will need the consumate skill of wiring the battery clip to the
>  plug keeping the polarity correct. I trust this will not be too great a
>  challenge for many on this list.

     QSL. A nifty and reasonable solution. Your junk box is obviously better
populated than mine. 
>  The only disadvantage of this arrangement is that you can't use the MFJ
>  external case with this battery... unless of course you put the battery
>  on the outside of the case.... not really a problem. The other
>  disadvantage is the since this is a lead-acid type of gel cell... it
>  does add some additional weight... but not anything the average person
>  couldn't handle with one hand on a tower.
    I think the padded nylon case for the 259 is indispensable. Not only does
it protect the MightyFragilethingamaJigger but you can loop the strap around
the boom and let it hang there while you are working with it. 

>  There's nothing worse than being all ready to climb a tower, but first
>  you have to unscrew eight screws and then go looking for replacement
>  batteries.... and when you find them, put all the screws back in.  By
>  then the winter sun has set.
     I agree. But I wouldn't mind so much if the damn battery holders were
even halfways reliable.

73 and tnx for your comments,  Steve  K7LXC

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