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Subject: [TowerTalk] Electric winches
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Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 16:57:27 EST
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<< My old Towtec electric winch is just about shot after many years of use on
 my Hygain 52-ft crank-up tower.  I will be needing to replace it in the near
 future, and was wondering what brand of winch would make a good replacement?
 Anyone else using an electric winch with a Hygain crank up?? >>
If you want to change it with something similar, look in WW Grainger's
catalog. I have used their electric winches for many years.
If you want to go heavier call US Tower and ask about their MD-75 for the
Hygain towers. They make it for a dierct bolt on where the old winch was, but
it is a bit more pricey, and much heavier duty.

Skip, KJ6Y
Communications Service Co.

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