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[TowerTalk] Linear Loaded 160M

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Linear Loaded 160M
From: (Mike Walker)
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:59:10 -0500
Hi All

I just built one of these and installed in on my 50ft tower with the linear
loading section about 11 feet off the ground.  We also modelled it under AO
(I have the file if anyone wants it).  It seems to work, but it is resonant
about 80 khz higher than I wish it to.  I've added some length to the
sloper part, but it didn't lower the resonance as much as I would have
liked.  I imagine that I will also have to lengthen the linear loading
portion by about 4 ft or so.

If anyone has any tuning experience with this design, I would love to hear
from them.


At 01:34 AM 20/12/97 +0000, Peter Larsen wrote:
>Hi Al.
>If your prime interest is 160, try a linear loaded sloper. There is a
>good one in the
>ARRL antenna book. If I remember right 65 feet of line down to a 10 foot
>then 35 feet of ladder line with 6 inch spacing back to the tower. This
>is fed as
>high on the tower as possible. Tune at the end of the ladder line
>towards the tower.
>This antenna rocks on 160.  In tests with VE6AO and my DX IV GAP
>the linear loaded sloper was always 2-3 s units better on signal
>(don't ask me about how many dB an s unit is. That is a bottomless
>have fun and "Just work'em"
Mike Walker VA3MW
Corbeil Contest Club

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