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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Attachments
From: (Turner, Bob)
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 17:47:34 -0500
Uh, excuse me.  Viruses can be contained in Word Processing documents.
Specifically the MS Word Concept Macro Virus and its variants.  This
virus is unique in that is runs on multiple platforms.  IE: WinTel &

It appears the first version of this virus was created to prove
statements like yours incorrect.  The original Concept virus simply
reproduced and stated "That ought to be enough to prove a point".  Since
then, people have copied and modified the original concept virus to do
other things. The concept virus was created about 3 years ago and is now
in the top ten virii found in the field. 

A MS Word document can be infected with the Concept Virus and its
variants.   Word has a feature that auto runs a macro contained in a
document.   The Concept Virus and its variants utilize this feature.

Some people, including myself use MS Word as an editor for our Email
program such as Outlook.  You could get a virus infection from double
clicking on an attachment and having MS Word open it.   Word opens
document and autoruns the Concept Macro Virus which does its deed.
There are no .exe or .com involved with the Word Concept Virus.

Best defense is to have an Anti-Virus program running all the time.
There are several on the marketplace.  I happen to use Norton
Anti-Virus.  The program runs and looks for Virus like behavior.  It
does stop the Concept Virus.

7 3

Bob - N2SCJ

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        No attachment, nor any email is capable of harming a computer.
        are merely text. While an attachment could contain a virus, it
is simply
        impossible for it to start on its own. Just scan them BEFORE you
run it
        if it is an .exe or .com.




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