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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Attachments
From: (Harv Shore)
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 18:39:31 -0800
My company has spent a small fortune disinfecting -- WAZU was a major
So -- until I can find a virus detector that works "in-line" I will not
open ANY file received by e-mail.  Some of my best friends (sic) have
passed on trouble without knowledge.
Happy Holidays -- Health and DX in the New Year

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> Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] Re: Attachments
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> Date: Wednesday, December 24, 1997 2:47 PM
> Uh, excuse me.  Viruses can be contained in Word Processing documents.
> Specifically the MS Word Concept Macro Virus and its variants.  This
> virus is unique in that is runs on multiple platforms.  IE: WinTel &
> Macintosh.
> It appears the first version of this virus was created to prove
> statements like yours incorrect.  The original Concept virus simply
> reproduced and stated "That ought to be enough to prove a point".  Since
> then, people have copied and modified the original concept virus to do
> other things. The concept virus was created about 3 years ago and is now
> in the top ten virii found in the field. 
> A MS Word document can be infected with the Concept Virus and its
> variants.   Word has a feature that auto runs a macro contained in a
> document.   The Concept Virus and its variants utilize this feature.
> Some people, including myself use MS Word as an editor for our Email
> program such as Outlook.  You could get a virus infection from double
> clicking on an attachment and having MS Word open it.   Word opens
> document and autoruns the Concept Macro Virus which does its deed.
> There are no .exe or .com involved with the Word Concept Virus.
> Best defense is to have an Anti-Virus program running all the time.
> There are several on the marketplace.  I happen to use Norton
> Anti-Virus.  The program runs and looks for Virus like behavior.  It
> does stop the Concept Virus.
> 7 3
> Bob - N2SCJ
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>       No attachment, nor any email is capable of harming a computer.
> Emails
>       are merely text. While an attachment could contain a virus, it
> is simply
>       impossible for it to start on its own. Just scan them BEFORE you
> run it
>       if it is an .exe or .com.
>       73
>       Ed
>       --

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