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[TowerTalk] Linear Loaded Sloper

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Linear Loaded Sloper
From: (Tom Horton)
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:22:03 -0500 (EST)
 I built one of these several years ago and considering that it is a very
short, much comprimised antenna, it worked extremely well. I made 250 plus
Q's during the CQ 160
contest in 96. This was with only 5 watts!!! Also had something like 6
countries too.
No way it can compete with a full size antenna but it is fun to play with. I
did not tie the shield to the bottom of the tower and my antenna was only
about 8 feet off the ground at the far end. The nice thing was that the
thing was very broadbanded and did not have to tune a thing.'s a compromise but on a very small city lot in WV, it's ok.
 Tom K5IID

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>Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 18:16:24 EST
>Subject: [TowerTalk] Linear Loaded Sloper
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>  I am going to put up a linear loaded sloper for 160. I have two questions:
>1.does the coax have to be grounded to the tower at the bottom as well as the
>top as shown in the handbook, and why???? 2. Is the tuning of the systen done
>by lenghtening/shortening of the open wire line at the tower end, and does the
>sloper length have be adjusted at the same time.(I guess thats REALLY more
>than two). Thanks for all the good info on the 160 ants. I'm going to try this
>first. 73 Al W8FAX
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