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[TowerTalk] Tower Approved, Ordinance Changed

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Approved, Ordinance Changed
From: (SavageBR)
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:58:46 EST
As a follow up regarding my petition for a 90 ft tower/antenna, I am pleased
to report that on Dec 18th, at the town public hearing, the Planning and
Appeals Commission voted 9 yes and 0 no's in favor of my petition to erect the
90 ft tower/antenna. Then on Dec 22, the Town Council heard my petition and
voted 7 yes and 0 no's for approval. Also, during the 2 month period that my
petition was being processed, the town ordinance was revised from a limit of
35 ft to a limit of 60 ft and the Residential Setback of 1:1 was deleated.
So, all the effort was worth it.

In my opinion, the most important effort, in order of priority, was the

1) I established a strong working relationship with the Zoning and Building

2) My XYL and I met with all neighbors to explain exactly what we were going
to do. Note that my petition was advertized for 15 days in the local paper and
a 3x3 ft notice of the public hearing was posted on the properity. As a result
of meeting with the neighbors, no one came to the public hearing and 2 called
the Zoning Inspector to say they had no concerns.

3) I provided a 5 page proposal with the petition including a site plan and
photo showing natural screening of trees on the properity, and an"Executive
Summary" addressing possible concerns, a summary of benefits to the community,
the need for an elevated antenna, and a brief summary of  Public Law 103-408,
Part 97.15e, and PRB-1 "provided only to illustrate Federal support of amateur

4) Complete copies of the referenced documents were also provided in a
separate package of "Attachments" along with 3 favorable letters from current
neighbors in Atlanta,  articles showing amateur radio operators participation
during emergencies, ARES origanization, Skywarn information, a report on the
study of tower collapse, and K1TD's artical "Antenna Height and Communications

This may have been overkill--- but I got the approval. Now I can get on with
the move!!

73s  Bruce

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