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[TowerTalk] Station Design Opportunity

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Station Design Opportunity
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 13:36:52 -0600
N4KG   ideas   below:

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997 16:41 -0600 (CST) Bill Simpson <Bill.Simpson@MCI.COM>
>Fellow Tower Talkers
>I am soliciting input and to get the guy's help to design the new 
>antenna system.
>We are finishing the towers this weekend if the wx will let us but it 
>supposed to rain and it is CQWW CW.
>Anyway  it's like this: 16 acres in North Texas with a long hilltop 
>down about 30' toward the NE for about 1/4 mile.
>3 Rohn 45G towers oriented in a line running NW to SE Spaced 200' 
>>From the north end, Tower 1- 90', Tower 2- 160', Tower 3- 120'
>We want to set it up as a multi single contest system. I am looking 
>input to see what new ideas might fall out. It seems that everytime I 
>like we have it, someone brings up another great idea. I want everyone 
>treat it as if they were designing their own station and I will post a 
>of the replys.
>Bill  N5CMI
>Plano, Texas

Tower 1-        90', Tower 2- 160', Tower 3- 120'

Tower 1 -  Stacked 20's   at 40 and 90 ft (4L or more)
        Stacked 10's   at 30, 60, 100 ft (4L or more, top rotates on
        OR,  put 2L40 above top 20, rotating, at 100 ft

Tower 2 -  Stacked 40's  at  80 and 160 ft (2L is most bang for buck)
        Stacked 20's  at  40 / 90 ft fixed on Europe (or 50 / 100)      
        Stacked 15's  at  30 / 60 Eu,  50 / 80 / 120 JA,  
        80M  2L  wire beam fixed / reversible EA / ZL at 150 ft
        80M  1L   inverted Vee fixed JA/SA at 140 ft

Tower 3 -       BIG  Tribander or 10 and 15M monobanders rotating  at
120 ft
        2L40 fixed on Carib / SA  at 100 ft
        4L20 fixed on Carib / SA  at 90 ft
        4L15 fixed on Carib / SA  at 60 ft
        4L10 fixed on Carib / SA  at 40 ft

A  tribander, or separate 360 degree  rotating monobanders, 
at 40 ft is a BIG  PLUS for multiplier hunting.  (Tower 4, 5, 6 !)

You may want to add more towers for JA  stacks or rotate the lower
antennas on the existing towers.

With more towers, you could have dedicated BAND  TOWERS,
covering Eu, JA, SA all on the same tower.  Helps to minimize
inter-station interference.

You will want to use lots of Band Pass Filters !

You can never  have TOO  MANY  ANTENNAS  (or TOWERS ! )

de  Tom   N4KG

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