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[TowerTalk] baluns and wire antennas (kinda long)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] baluns and wire antennas (kinda long)
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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 11:06:25 EST
In a message dated 97-12-30 02:13:12 EST, writes:

> i swapped it out for a bencher za-1a high power balun i had laying around.
>  while i was up there, i changed out the little connector wires for some of
>  a much larger guage. 
>  did i just shoot myself in the foot? 

     I don't know. Did anything change? It's been my experience that different
baluns on the same antenna sometimes have an influence on SWR - sometimes
making it better and sometimes worse. 

>  do i have to buy the high-power version from hy-gain?

     What's the power rating of the Bencher? The original voltage-type Hy-Gain
balun is the BN-86 which had a power-related reputation. The new current-type
is the BN-4000B - it's rated at 4000 watts.

>  does the hook up wire length and guage make a difference?
      It's been my experience that a couple of inches more wire doesn't make a
lot of difference. (With the exception of Mosleys, that is.)

     If the new balun looks fine SWR-wise and doesn't blow up, then everything
is okay. You may want to have a standby balun available just in case. I might
suggest the Force 12 B-1 baluns. They're a stacked toroid-type of balun and
are manufactured in a vaccuum chamber which means that all air is evacuated
and they're sealed against everything. They're $39.95. TOWER TECH has them.

73,  Steve   K7LXC

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