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[TowerTalk] baluns and wire antenna (kinda long again)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] baluns and wire antenna (kinda long again)
From: (henry gillow-wiles)
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 09:41:08 -0800
thanks to all. 

the majority of notes tell me that i should be ok with the bencher, but
with long duty cycle modes
 (rtty) and qro pwer, i still might have some trouble. guess it's time to
save for more antenna parts.

the hook-up wire length isn't an issue as far as i can tell from the posts
i got. the length is within a few inches of the original pieces. 

the second part, low band wire

i'm sorry about the fuzzy questions. i was very frustrated when i first
posted. i've been having trouble getting a wire antenna to work here. it's
either a lack of space, supports or direction avaliablity. 

the inverted v was the best compromise i came up with, the wire running 90
and 270 degrees. this should have given me major lobes at 90 and 270
degrees, right? i was able to take one leg off, connect the shield to the
tower and turn it into a 1/4 wave end fed sloper with the leg at about 220
degrees. this should give me lobes at 220 and 40 degrees.
however, the s/n ratio went down and the sensitivity also. 

it is my understanding the major lobe with the sloper is parallel with the
wire and tower assembly. also, if the angle between the wire and the tower
is small enough, the antenna resembles a vertical in the pattern. it's also
my understanding that the inv  v has the same properties.

have i been laboring under the guide of mis-understood information? if i
was wrong about the v, and it's like a dipole in pattern, then it was still
aimed in the wrong direction. 360 and 180 degrees, making me big into w6 land.

a better question, given the light of day, would be :

all things being equal, which antenna has more directivity and which has,
by design, a greater s/n ratio?

thanks again,

73   henry   kb7rta

henry gillow-wiles

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