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Subject: [TowerTalk] Murch UT-2000D Transmatch
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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 19:08:54 -0500
Hi John -

The Murch units were of excellent quality and could take just about all you
wanted to put into it.

The older 2000A did have some problems with the turns-counter arrangement
and if you forced the roller inductor, you could make it skip over the end
stops.  The early models DID NOT have a balun.

I owned an early version of the unit, but sold it to buy a 2000B which
covers 160-10 meter.  The early versions did cover 160 meters.  Been using
it for years and have absolulte no complaints.

Now, as far as a manual.  The units did not come with a manual as you would
picture a manual.  The little instructions that came with it, told you where
to place the input and output capacitors for a start(Input Cap at 1.5 and
Output at 2.5).  It then told you to move the output capacitor ccw until you
saw a dip in the reflected power.

Next the Input Capacitor was to be rotated clockwise until you saw a dip in
the reflected power and you were to move just past that point.

Now move the output cap CCW until you see another dip.

Continue this process until you note little or no change...Reflected power
should be at or near Zero.

All this is done under low power...Touch-up can be done under "full" power.

Great unit...You did not go wrong.


At 02:38 PM 12/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Hope everyone is having a happy and SAFE holiday season.
>I just happened onto a Murch UT-2000D transmatch for cheap money. 
>It's in mint condx and looks like it hasn't been used much.
>Q-1. Does anyone have any info or opinions (either Pro or Con) about 
>     this piece of equipment? Looks like it could handle itself if one 
>     wanted to put the boots to it.
>     I've seen these ATU's around and mentioned in the past, but never paid
>     much attention as I had no interest at the time. (I shudda listened
>     anyway)!
>Q-2. Does anyone have a manual which they would be willing to copy for me,
>     of course I would pay the copying and shipping expenses for the manual.
>Thanks in advance for the info/help
>John K1RC
>35 mi NW of Boston
>P.S.  I hope everyone will be practicing SAFE RF in the New Year. ;-)

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