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[TowerTalk] baluns and wire antennas (kinda long)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] baluns and wire antennas (kinda long)
From: (NW9G / Ten Tec / CW)
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 22:59:44 -0500
At 10:36 PM 12/30/97 -0500, Charles H. Harpole wrote:
>I have run a TH-7 with the "little" balun (BN-86) for over five years with
>no failure at all and 1.5 kw into it and hammering it as hard as the law
>allows.  I changed to the "bigger" balun (BN-4000) last year.  Don't see
>any difference.  K4VUD

At the advice of many here on this reflector, I have changed my bn-86
to the bn-4000 as well. I didn't want a failure in the middle of a 
snow storm at 100 ft in the air.  But before I changed it, I also
pumped 1500 watts a few times in it with LOW SWR.  Many emails told
me that a high swr at high power would fry it.  Good luck....Steve

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