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[TowerTalk] A Major Milestone, and Thanks!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] A Major Milestone, and Thanks!
From: (Steve Zettel)
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 21:14:55 -0700
A major milestone today in my (long) ongoing tower/station project. After
starting on the preliminary work two summers ago I finally have the tower
up, guyed, tensioned and trued, and the thrust bearings/rotator plates/mast
assembly installed. Waiting now for the antennas to arrive (hint, hint, Tom
at Force 12!) so I can begin populating the structure.

At this time I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to all who have so
unselfishly given me answers to my (endless) questions, insight and tips,
recommendations, and above all, encouragement along the way. You all know
who you are!

At the risk of slighting someone by forgetting to mention them, there are
some folks who merit a public thanks for going above and beyond in
assisting me with this first tower:

Steve Morris, K7LXC, our host, moderator and voice of experience ("Do what
the manufacturer says, DON'T do what the manufacturer doesn't say . . .).
Thanks to you, and Bill W4AN for making this invaluable resource available.
Absent a book dedicated to tower construction (when IS that book going to
be ready, Steve?), this is the one place where a neophyte can get an answer
to ANY tower question. At least one answer, usually many more!

Steve's TowerTech "full magilla" climbing harness is probably the biggest
single piece of equipment that enabled me to get this project to this point
at all. Indeed, it's what made it possible for me to  build and climb my
tower, given my profound unease with heights. A quality piece of work, just
like Tower Tech's proprietor. Thanks again, Steve.

Stan, W7NI -- thanks for the U-bolts, the great info about "swinging side
arm rotator mounts" (mine are off to Spokane to be hot-dip galvanized), and
the always excellent tower advice grounded on years of experience.

LB Cebik, W4RNL, Master Modeler and Antenna Elmer. Who doesn't owe LB
thanks for illuminating some facet or another of antenna theory or
performance? I consider everyone one on TowerTalk my "cyberspace" Elmer,
but LB, you've been very gracious and generous with your time to me
personally, as well as to all who make use of the valuable resource you
provide. Thanks a million!

Tom Russell, Pete Smith, Earl Cunningham, John Brosnahan and Frank Donovan,
Bob Wanderer, Bob Brown, Arlen Bowen, Tree, Scott Neader KA9FOX -- all
guilty as charged! Thank you all for your helpful e-mail and encouragement,
as well as, again, thanks to the "cast of thousands" who helped me along
the way as well. What a great community of experienced radio people!

Vendors -- besides Steve and Stan, Press "The Wireman" Jones, Gerald, K5GW
of Texas Towers, Ray McCarty KI7TN, manager of the Portland HRO, Jay W0XB
of Stackmatch fame, Steve Davis of Davis RF, Craig Clark, W1JCC, Radiobooks
and Radioware, Mark Olson KE9PQ (vacuum capacitors), all folks who have
given me great service, sound advice, and quality products at fair prices.
And if you get to Libby, MT and need plumbing and electrical supplies (and
what tower project doesn't), I highly recommend Bob Pival of Pival Electric
-- If there's a part or fitting that will work or can be adapted, or a
better way can be thought up, Bob's your man. He's not a ham, but I've told
him that I am calling my tower "Pival's Tower" for all the effort and parts
he's put into it!

To give something back, I am putting together my experiences, lessons
learned, and "I wish I had done this instead's" that I'll e-mail to anyone
interested. Old hat to most of you, but perhaps it will help someone else
who is looking for answers or encouragement before taking that big first
step towards tower ownership. Give me about a week to put it together and
proof-read it for glaring typos.

Thanks again,

Steve Zettel  KJ7CH
near Libby, MT USA

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