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[TowerTalk] US Tower -- Pully Replacement?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower -- Pully Replacement?
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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 11:04:05 EST
In a message dated 98-01-31 21:14:52 EST, you write:

> Actually the factory told me not to bother replacing the pulleys unless they
>  were damaged.

    Really? Since they are mostly enclosed and you can't see them, how can you
tell if they're damaged? It was also Bruce Kopitar of US Towers who said that
the cables didn't need lubricating which is the total OPPOSITE of what the
cable manufacturers said. 

     Look at it this way, the pulleys are subject to the same wx conditions,
the same wear and tear and stresses as the cables. Why wouldn't you want to
change them? Especially since you've got the system torn down for re-cabling. 

> I suspect the bearings have frozen up tho. 

     How can you tell? Noise or observation or what? 

    Larry, I'm not trying to pick on you but am interested in more

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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