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Subject: [TowerTalk] Spacing?
From: sendme@no.mail (Kenneth D. Grimm)
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 10:15:14 -0500
Although I am comeing to the party a little late, let me add a brief note on my
experience.  Until recently I had a Christmas tree of yagis similar to what you
describe below.  It consisted of a HyGain 204BAS with a 4 element wilson 15 mx
yagi 8 feet above it.  Similarly a 4 el 10 mx Wilson was located 8 feet above
the 15 mx yagi.  Results?  It worked fine on 20 and 10.  However, the 15 mx
yagi was detuned rather severely with the 1:1 swr point well outside the bottom
end of the band.

Mike wrote:

> Well after the last response I got regarding the multiple monobanders on
> one boom being so negative, my plans are steering another direction.
> If I were to make a christmas tree of yagis, i.e. 3el on 20, 4 el. on 15,
> and 5 el. on 10 what would be the minimum amount of spacing I could use and
> the antennas still some what represent what they are?
> I allready have the 10 meter ant. and have found a good deal on the 15, but
> am curious to know if it will work before I think about buying it.
> Mike...NO6X
> Check out my home page at

Ken K4XL

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