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[TowerTalk] self-supporting steel tower questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] self-supporting steel tower questions
From: (jon zaimes)
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 15:48:45 -0500 (EST)
There's a 140-ft (or so) self-supporting steel tower for sale locally. Was
removed from service a year or so ago (replaced by a cell tower). About 4.5
feet across each face at the base; triangular; tapers to about 6-inches at
the top where there is a short mast about 2 inches diameter. Horizontal
cross members are tubular in the lower sections and appear to be solid steel
in upper sections. Diagonals are angle-steel in lower sections and what
appears like rebar in the upper sections. Tower was originally welded
together at swaged joints, and for removal the legs (and cross-members) were
cut at three places (not the swaged joints) and the base, and the four
sections were removed with a sign crane. Lower sections use tubular steel
for the legs, about 2.5 inches at the base, and upper sections appear to be
solid steel. The tower is painted, with some light surface rust at spots but
appears to be sound. The base was mounted using angle-steel welded to the
three legs, and bolted to three pieces of angle steel set in a concrete base
that was about 6 feet square (depth unknown). The price is right (probably
less than scrap value), but.....


1) What would be the approximate weight of the whole tower?

2) Likely manufacturer? Any markings to look for to determine this?

3) Would it be feasible to weld the tower together at the places it has been
cut, to put this into service again?

Thanks for any thoughts or your experiences with tower such as this.

73/jon AA1K 

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