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[TowerTalk] Telephone problems

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Telephone problems
From: (Steve Zettel)
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 17:25:02 -0700
Steve  K7LXC, wrote:

>      A move is taking place. (It's always traumatic.) The new numbers that
>were supposed to be hooked up on Friday are
> 805-227-1680
> 805-227-1684 FAX
>      The 800 number is the same 800-248-1985. Hopefully they are working now.

The 800 number is working this afternoon at Force 12. Spoke to the very
nice lady that answers the phone -- she didn't know anything about 10M
reflectors for the C-3, or a C-3E. Suggested I call back "in several
weeks". I think I convinced her to give Tom a message saying I am
interested, but need to know more, as (probably do others subscribing to
the Towertalk reflector). . . hopefully soon, since I have my C-3's on the
ground right now waiting for a Montana thaw to go up.

Since Tom broached the subject publicly on the reflector, I'm hoping this
isn't smoke and mirrors (vapor-ware). What say, Tom, can you elaborate?

Specific questions include:

Does the addition of the 10M reflector affect the static balance and the
wind torque on the antenna? Suggestions for re-balancing?

Will this affect side-mounting the antenna on a ring-rotator or a swinging
sidearm rotator mount?

Will this affect the turning radius of the C-3?

Best guess as to weight and moment for the C-3E?

Most important: Cost and availability?

The addition of the 10M reflector would appear to address one of the very
few shortcoming of the C-3 vis a vis optimum stacking distances.

Thanks for the input.

Steve Zettel  KJ7CH
near Libby, MT USA

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