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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 11:14:15 EST
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Hi Dave,=0A=0AI have had good success with the Radioworks  1:1 baluns her=
e.  I use the=0A5KW version, not for power handling capability, but becau=
se it would best=0Ahandle a high SWR.  I use the balun on ALL my beams an=
d have not had=0Aany failures, some being up for over 5 years.=0A  =0A   =
          73 de Walt Kornienko - K2WK -
l Message-----=0AFrom: <owner-towertalk@co=
To: <>>=0ADate: Tuesday, February 03, 1998 9:45 AM=0A=0A=0Aix14.ix.= via smap (V1.3)=0Aid rma022566; Mon Feb  2 21:32:44 1998=0ACom=
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wes" <>=0ATo: Tue, 3 F=
eb 1998 03:37:14 -0400=0AMIME-Version: 1.0=0AContent-type: text/plain; ch=
arset=3DUS-ASCII=0AContent-transfer-encoding: 7BIT=0ASubject: [TowerTalk]=
 (Fwd) 402CD - Does it need a balun?=0AReply-to:
ailer: Pegasus Mail for Win32 (v2.54)=0ASender: owner-towertalk@contestin= bulk=0AX-List-Info:
lkfaq.html=0AX-Sponsor: W4AN, KM3T, N5KO & AD1C=0A=0ADidn't see my post r=
eflected back to me, so I'll try it again.=0A=0A------- Forwarded Message=
 Follows -------=0A=0AToday, I took advantage of the unseasonably warm we=
ather we're having=0Ahere in the Philadelphia area, and took down my 402C=
D.  Something=0Aelectrical had gone wrong, and I suspected that a loading=
 coil had=0Aopened up.  I was prepared to do the QHS machine screw replac=
ement=0Aroutine for the sheet metal screws, although before putting it up=
, I=0Ahad replaced the plated screws with stainless.=0A=0AWell, it wasn't=
 the loading coils, but the balun, a W2DU current=0Abalun.  It was readin=
g a very high NEGATIVE resistance on my Fluke 77=0A(can anybody tell me w=
hy it was NEGATIVE?), so I figured it was=0Ahistory, and took a hacksaw t=
o it.  When I cut the top off, a whole=0Alot of BROWN WATER came out.  Up=
on inspection, I could find absolutely=0Ano way for water to get either i=
n or out of the balun, save for the=0Acenter pin on the UHF connector.  T=
he failure was the wire had=0Acorroded and was nearly broken off on the c=
enter conductor connection=0Ato the solder lug on the inside of the balun=
 tube.=0A=0ASo, can anybody recommend a good current balun to use with th=
e 402CD,=0Aor is one even needed?  Why can't I just follow the directions=
 in the=0Amanual and make a coil of coax?=0A=0AI have NEVER used a balun =
of any type here before this W2DU, and I'm=0Abatting 0 for 1.  Advice app=
reciated.  I'd like to put the thing back=0Aup next weekend.=0A=0AThanks =
for any help.=0A=0A73 - Dave
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