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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:35:47 -0600
Jim sez:
> There seems to be a major rip-off going on with sellers of towers for
> amateur use.  It would seem that some dealers have been selling Rohn
> 20G
> and passing it off as 25G.  This could be easily done and the
> unsuspecting customer would not have a clue.  The only way that the
> average person can tell the difference is the weight. 

As has been mentioned before but bears repeating, there IS a VERY EASY
way for the average person to tell the difference between Rohn 20G and
25G:  20G has only 7 horizontal crossmembers (climbing steps) and 25G
has 8 crossmembers.

I accidently bought some used 20G about ten years ago from a ham who
told me it was 25G.  At that time I didn't know there was such a thing
as 20G, and I don't know if the seller knew either.  It may have been an
honest mistake.  Fortunately the rather modest installation of a
tribander at 50' held up fine.  I expect that people selling used 20G
and calling it 25G (whether mistakenly or dishonestly) occurs much more
often than dealers making the same mistake, so it is a good thing for
hams to know the difference.

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