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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 10:39:13 EST
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> Maybe I'm missing something, but ....
>  If a PE simply attaches a set of Rohn drawings to a covering document, is
>  $250 really a reasonable fee, as Steve says?  I can see that, easily, if
>  he/she has to review the Rohn drawings from scratch and at least spot-check
>  the engineering.  But if it's a repetitive situation, where the PE is
>  signing off on yet another, by-the-book 70 foot 25G, it sounds excessive.
>  Or are we paying a share of the PE's liability insurance, and THAT'S what
>  the money really covers?

     Actually both. A Professional Engineer puts their license on the line
every time they stamp something. They certify that the calculations are
correct and that it meets current laws and codes. By using the Rohn data, they
at least have an excellent starting place for any installation. If they had to
start from scratch for each installation, it would take more time and be MORE
expensive. Four hours of work at $60 and hour for a professional evaluation
and approval is cheap. If not cheap, at least reasonable.

    Besides verifying the calculations, they're also providing other
information like plat layout. Don't forget that the Rohn drawings are only ONE
scenario (flat terrain, normal soil, guys out 80%, etc.). If your installation
varies on any of these factors, everything has to be recalculated. 

     A PE should also have Errors and Omissions insurance. If they don't,
they're like any other contractor who works without insurance. If anything
happens, you don't have any recourse so it's tough beans on you and you are
fully liable. And yes, it costs money. 

    IMO, $250.00 for a PE stamp is a pretty small cost in a project that's
going to run several thousand dollars or more. 

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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