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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 14:47:06 EST
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> I don't think that the manufacturer's PE does the book, someone else does
>  it. Ever heard of ttyyppoo''ss?? 

    By "book", I'll assume you're talking about the catalog. Who else would do

   Manufacturers go to huge lengths to ensure that drawings are accurate. If
you've ever worked for a manufacturer (it doesn't sound like you have), then
you would know what steps are involved in making and verifying any drawings.
There are industry standards that are used and met. If you look at the Rohn
drawings, it shows who did them, the date and any revisions to the drawings.
Of course Rohn has engineers that design and engineer their structures but you
don't have to be a PE to do that work. They also have CAD people,
documentation specialists and a myriad of other supporting staff that are
involved in the process.

    I would like you to show me a typo in the Rohn catalog.

>  On another idea how many losses were incured by not having a decent install
>  (above comments) or lack of preventive maint. during the west coast storms
>  and the Nor'easters (winter hurricanes) here on the east coast?

    Who cares? Even properly manufactured and installed systems can be damaged
by a big storm. But my intent is always to encourage ANYONE to do the best job
that they can by following the manufacturer's specifications. Yes, many ham
installations are overloaded, improperly installed, etc. and some of them are
probably still standing after the storm. (You don't always get a ticket each
time you speed, do you?) I will continue to do that.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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