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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 17:28:36 EST
Hi Pete and all........I had a problem like that this past summer and. After
abt 6 months of meetings and headachs for getting my tower installation
approved, the day I went for my permit city hall said they wouldn't give me
the permit! The prints for the Tri-Ex  Sky Needle had the stamp of a
California PE and was no good in NY. I about flipped!! Seems every city and/or
state have their own set of rules. I searched around for a PE and was
surprised how many folks I knew ....knew a PE I got it stamped for 100 bucks
and found out while it was at his office I could have gotten it done by a
retired PE that is a ham for 35 bucks. Look around you may be surprised also. 
    Changes were made to the print but only to concrete base configurations. I
believe they went a little over kill but like was mentioned before it is his
livelyhood on the line. Had to pour a pad 42 by 42 by 10 feet deep from the
original 42 by 42 by 6'9".
He figured the worst case ....Full ratings of the tower 37.8sq. ft. wind
load....fully up 70 ft..............60 mph wind........loaded with ice and
snow....and the soil its planted in ...solid Love Canal clay....Yes I live in
Niagara Falls and The Love Canal.....So I dont think its gonna go any where in
the near future and I guess the cash was was worth it. Any way enough babbling
..time to flip the switch, raise the thing and play!
Good luck and 73

Mike Benjamin W2GR

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