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Subject: [TowerTalk] PE services
From: (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 16:54:06 -0600
N4ZR and others have said:
>Steve's right, of course, if it's only $250 and the project is several $K.

K4XL said:
>Maybe so, but most of the discussion has been about BX and 20 or 25G.  
>The staple of a modest installation.  <snip>
>In the second place, a $250 fee for a PE stamp may simply break the 
>ham radio budget of those dreaming of a small tower and beam.

That's a good point.  Considering you can buy a short, used Rohn 25
AND a tribander for about $250, another $250 for a rubber stamp doubles
the budget.  And $250 is almost 10% of my planned 100' Rohn 45 with a
KT34XA and 402CD which is coming in at an estimated $2700.  Add $300 for
the local permit cost and it's 17%.

After all, this is the TowerTalk reflector, where probably the average
tower height is 50-60', not the Contest reflector where there's multiple
150' towers involved.

Yes, a PE covering your butt is not a bad idea.
Yes, a PE stamp can be a large portion of a Towertalkian tower budget.
Yes, if it's required, I'll pay it.  If not, no way.

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