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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 20:20:48 EST
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I am quite familiar with the Butterfly Beam Rodger is talking about.   First,
it is 
most dificult to tune and even keep in tune.   I have several friends who have
tried it and eventually sold it and resorted to the next best idea.    It has
little or no front to back and does poorly on back end signal rejection.    
On the other hand that was not Rodgers question.

Most people I know that tried the Butterfly put it on a tripod.   A five foot
if you can put one up, will hold it but I would rather put it on a 8 or 10
foot tripod.
You can climb them and will give you a more stable base.   The 10 ten foot
also allows you to put a rotor inside it.   You would need a mast mount on the
I would also guy it.   A Quadpod is the best bet and has a rotor mount pre-

Good luck.   I would rather see you pick up a used TA33Jr beam.   Just a 12
boom but I think its a better performer.  And it works great on a Quad-pod!


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I'm shopping around for ideas for putting up an antenna.  I want to put
up a Butternut butterfly beam.  I chose this antenna due to space
limitations and light weight.  I'm a disabled vet and due to disability
I can't climb a tower such Rohn 25 I'd like to put the antenna up
on some sort of mast that would be easy to erect and take down single
handed. I would prefer to avoid using guy wires. I can house bracket
what ever I put up. The antenna weighs 20 lbs. and presents a 3 sq. ft.
wind area.

All reasonable suggestions gratefully accepted.

Rodger peabody - KA0VOY

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