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From: (Steve Weisbrod)
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 98 10:21:00 -0600
Hi Gareth

Well it requires guys. They are supplied with the tower and are   
Philstrand type. My 50ft tower has 3 guys and if I remember they are 40ft   
out from the tower. The tower has a hinged base and 6 people walked it up   
in one piece to erect it initially. You unhook 2 of the guys and with the   
beams at the right position you can crank down the hazer system with the   
antennas to ground level. I've had mine up and down probably 10 times it   
is so simple.
I spent a lot of time figuring exactly where the tower should go. I put   
mine in a woods behind my house and didn't want to cut down any more   
trees than necessary.  I followed the directions that came with the tower   
and have had no problems at all.

Make sure your rotor is working solid with good connections. I always   
leave my beams oriented parallel to the tower face when I quit operating   
so I can bring the hazer down if the rotor should fail. I understand that   
the tower could be climbed if necessary to fix such a problem.
The tower can hold 16 sq ft of antenna at 80mph winds. I have a Force12   
EF320 3 ele mono bander for 20m @ 51 ft and a Force 12 4BA a 12 ele 17   
thru 10m @ 61 ft. We had 60 mph winds last year and it just sat there   
like a rock. They describe everthing on their web site. I found the   
quality,delivery and support to be excellent.

73 Steve W8GAZ

Hi Steve   I am thinking along the same lines. Glad to hear it is
working so well. Are there any pitfalls in the setting up I should watch
out for?? I have no desire to climb up a tower in the middle of winter
to fiddle with a bad connector. It is amazing how many hams I know
personally who have been injured fooling around with towers.

de ... N1MSV


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