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From: (Ron Chambers)
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 17:28:34 -0600
There once was an industrialist  that had a large 500hp motor that
wouldn't run. His staff worked on it for days to no avail. Frustrated,  they
called in a "Professional".

Inspecting the motor for 1 minute the "Professional" asked for a
hammer, which he used to lightly hit the side of the cold dead motor. The
motor sprang to life.

The industrialist was elated and asked for the "Professional's" bill. The
reply was  $1000.00.

"WHAT?" screamed the industrialist. "For just hitting the motor?"

"No, $1.00 for hitting the motor, $999.00 for knowing where to hit it."
Oh well, didn't know my profession and my hobby got along so well. Be
glad to share horror stories about  trying to design, build and occupy
buildings, city and state codes and their interpretation, inspectors,
planning, zoning, Certificates of Occupancy, Licensure (healthcare),
ADA, NFPA, TAS, ANSI, NEC, UL, FM, Fire Marshals, engineers,
architects, errors and omissions, et. al. in the construction industry and
how I could tie it into troubles with tower base design and approval for

Ron Chambers, P.E.

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