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Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 11:11:24 EST
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<< Sure, like the house inspector for the home I built who didn't know what a
 ground fault
 interrupter was. Or this house which I just bought which doesn't have a
 master circuit
 breaker in the CB box.
Sad, but true. I am in the early stages of litigation against a PE and 2
inspectors who passed faulty wiring in the home we bought last May. Several
weeks ago, the main underground wiring failed leading to a $21K repair bill to
run new service 900 feet up our driveway and being without 220 for 16 days
(yep, I was really running 150 watts during NAQP). Had they reacted to the
visible warning signs,  we might have gotten it fixed to code before buying
the house.

On the other side of the coin, that's why they have Errors and Omissions (E&O)
insurance and liability insurance. I have had my own consulting practice for
six years and, while I have never (knowingly) had anyone suffer any business
ills as a result of my services, the fact is that I am fully human and I am
dealing with humans and there is always a chance that I might have to fall
back on my insurance coverage.

Finally, the matter of fees is always a point of contention between the 1040
world (as we call it) and the self employed professionals (the 1099 world). I
seldom quote hourly rates because it makes 1040 folks uncomfortable. I also do
not make excuses, explanations, or apologies for my fees. Those of you who are
in management or have business training are aware that a company employee who
makes $10 per hour actually costs the company between $17 and $25 per hour, by
the time you add to their salary two weeks of vacation, ten days sick leave,
nine paid holidays, health insurance, federal and state taxes and insurance,
retirement plans, stock plans, etc. Then there's the amortized cost of the
buildings, utilities, insurances, etc, etc, that has to be spread out over
each employee. For companies with one or two folks, the actual billing rate
that one needs to stay on an even keel with a 1040 employee can be 5-10 times
what the 1099 person is actually able to take home to buy tower sections and
groceries. But like the PE said, you are paying for my 30 years of experience,
not my boat payments.

'nuff consultant's soapbox. 

Hope condx are better for CW Sprint than they were for fone.


Tom, K5RC/7

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