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[TowerTalk] Why lambast Rohn ?????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Why lambast Rohn ?????
From: (Big Don)
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 03:25:44 -0800
Stan Griffiths wrote:
>  [...]
> >       3.      They do not have a requirement for purchasers to certify their
> >intended use of the product before buying it, and they cannot control the use
> >of it either.  Just like hand-guns.
> In 59 years I don't recall ever having to certify my intended use for any
> product I ever bought, other than perhaps prescription drugs.  So I guess I
> miss the point of this statement.

I bought some reject fiberglass pole-vaulting poles from the
manufacturer to build a big quad.  The company made me submit a letter
to them certifying that I abso-GODDAM-lutely wasn't *ever* going to use
them for pole-vaulting. 

Big Don

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