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[TowerTalk] Stacking KT34's

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stacking KT34's
From: (Robert Sauvan)
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 04:18:30 -0600
        There has been much discussion lately on stacking beams at 
Tower Talk.I am looking at stacking a pair of tribanders as soon as weather
permits.My questions are this:I presently have a KT34XA at 50 ft on one of
my towers.I just aquired another KT34.The XA is a 6 element and the other 
is a 4element.I would like not to have to buy the upgrade kit for the KT34 to 
turn it into a 6 element.Therefore,would I still have a better setup by turning
the XA back into a 4 element beam and then stacking the beams so as to
gain the benefits of two beams?I read somewhere in an article that stacking
dissimilar beams is not a wise idea.The XA has gain figures that are about 2-4
db, depending on the band of operation,better than the 4 element version,but I 
figure I would gain that back by stacking,and also getting the other benefits 
of a 2 stack.KLM reccomends stacking the beams at 50 ft and 82 ft.Those of you 
with modelng software might give me some insight into these dimensions and give 
me better ones if there are any.I realize that upgrading the KT34 to the XA
would be the ideal,but,I still need investments into switching and matching 
boxes to phase the antennas etc., and would like to save that expense.If this 
subject has been worked to death on this reflector then just reply to me via 
private e-mail.Also I am using CATV hardline to feed this tower,which is doing
a great job.But,am I going to run into problems when I go the phase these
antennas etc., because of the 75 ohm coax?Im sure I will have more questions
after the comments from others so I will keep you all posted.



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