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[TowerTalk] Re: 80 Meter Sloper (More)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: 80 Meter Sloper (More)
From: (Bob Perring)
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 20:43:36 -0600
A couple of responses to my question(s) on the 80 sloper were similar to
the following, which I attach as an example:

<italic>> I just connect the shield to the tower, and that's it.

</italic>And one response included the following analysis:

<italic>>I modeled my half sloper for 80, and some of the

>highest currents are in the tower itself. The sloper really looks more

>like a method of feeding the tower than a matter of the sloping wire

>doing all the radiating, at least in my installation.


My  thinking was/is:

The use of a "counterpoise" would be to just make sure I had a resonance
value available to the shield side of the coax. Connecting the shield
just to the tower will work, or should work (especially at the 65'
level), but if I do both (Bond to tower with an additional  resonant wire
running alongside of, or in,  the tower) I was thinking I might have
better luck at reducing stray RF radiations, and an easier time getting a
proper match.

Now I am wondering, does the wire radiate or does the tower do the
radiating, or is there n-factorial combinations of answers to this

Like I say, I am just probing for answers from guys who have been 




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