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[TowerTalk] RE:SWR problems A4S

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE:SWR problems A4S
From: (MarchandJohn)
Date: 9 Feb 1998 08:14:44 -0400
Hi Bill,

I have that problem occasionally with my A4S (no 40 m kit). One trap on
one side of the DE is not quite aligned with the drain holes facing down.
So, in theory, the trap is retaining enough water to short some of the
windings. I also think the endcaps are allowing water into the trap. When 
the water freezes the trap winding shorts out until I use the antenna for 
a while, thru a tuner. Once the ice thaws the antenna works as normal. I 
use the coax coil balun on my antenna.

Hope this helps.

John K1RC
35 mi NW of Boston
From: Bill Hinkle on Sun, Feb 8, 1998 11:12 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] SWR problems A4S

Hello all,
                  I have a Cushcraft A4S with the 40 meter kit. I use a
Bencher balun with it. The SWR has gone bonkers on 20, 15 and 10 meters,
40 is still ok. I have a remote coax switch and the other antennas hooked
to it are OK. So the problem is from the remote switch to the antenna.  I
noticed while checking it after it had set unused for a day or two the
SWR started out ok, but when I kept it keyed down on CW, I could see the
SWR just start climbing to over 3 to 1 in about 30 seconds at 100 watts.
Any ideas as to where I should start looking?
                73, Bill KB3AUG
                Riverton, WV

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