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Subject: [TowerTalk] re:cushcraft X-7
From: (Glenn McLeod)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 17:03:10 -0500 (EST)
Hi All,

        I read this reflector all the time, but seldom post as I have more
to learn than to pass on. However I just had the privilege of helping put up
an X-7 for VE3PZ in Ottawa. It replaced a 2element quad that came down in
the ice storm. 

        I was impressed with the mechanical construction of the antenna and
the parts fit was outstanding.  The instructions are clear and well thought
out. By far the nicest antenna to put together that I have ever seen, and
that includes some big ones over the past twenty years.  I would recommend
this antenna to anyone looking at the DXX 7and KT 34 types of triband beam.   

Some suggestions for those who buy the X-7, first get a black permanent
marker and label the element parts by designation used in the instruction
book. Separate the Elements into individual groups and mark the 4-inch spot
on the element components. Second assembly is a TWO person job if you wand
to be efficient. I took Pat and I 8 hours to build the boom and element and
4 hours to assemble the whole antenna. It took Pat, myself and Pat's two
sons 3 hours to clear off the antenna mast and put the X-7 on the top of the
tower.  We used a gin pole and snatch block. The antenna had great balance
and went up the tower without any problems. 

        First QSO was a mobile on way to Florida just outside Chicago, on
20m Pat was 40 over with a 100 watts the next day I caught him on RTTY
working University of Michigan same story. I had a quick chat with Pat. When
we finished Pat was called by Rusty W4WX  a member of the group in
Guantonamo Bay getting ready for the WPX contest.  I got to work him as well. 

          Pat has been a ham for a lot longer than I, both of us have or
have had access to some pretty fancy antenna's over the years as retired
members of the Canadian Forces.  Pats reaction to the performance of the
antenna was shall we say restrained..... A loud WOW might best describe it
along with a mile wide smile.   All round great experience putting up the X-7. 

         Now to explain to the XYL why I need one, better still I would love
to try the X-9 with the 2 element 40m option. Anyone out there tried the X-9
/ X-904 yet?
73    Glenn      VE3GLN

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