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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:11:31 EST
In a message dated 98-02-11 23:33:43 EST, ke4rna@Traveller.COM writes:

> Will a properly installed Rhon 25G, 50-70 ft. high, with stabilizing 
>  arms, handle a 149 pound beam antenna with a 36 foot boom. The ant 
>  has 18 sq. ft. wind surface area, Wind load at 80 MPH is 450 lbs. The 
>  ant is a Mosley "PRO-95". I will use a Tailtwister rotator. Any 
>  thoughts???

    First of all, Morgan County is a 70 MPH wind speed zone which is the
lowest rating they give.

    Looking in the Rohn catalog (I take it you don't have one - five bucks
from TOWER TECH) 70 feet of 25G is rated at 16.2 sq.ft. It looks like you'll
be about 10% overloaded. 25G @ 50 feet is rated at 17.5 sq.ft. so you might
want to consider the lower height.

    Is this a big concern? Well, while you should ALWAYS do what the
manufacturer recommends, this wouldn't be a fatal problem. A much better
solution would be 45G which is rated at 23.9 sq.ft. at 70 feet. And it should
be like you said - properly installed.

    When you say 'stabilizing arms', do you mean the TA25 torque arm
stabilizing assembly or just the GA25GD guy bracket? The TA25 adds a
significant amount of torque resistance with its bigger width and double
guying system.

    My more basic question is - why are you putting up a big Mosley antenna?
Have you already purchased it or are contemplating it?Just about any other
antenna out there will be a better performer. 

73 and GL,  Steve  K7LXC

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